Matt: Super Tour Director 

I’ve been home for almost two weeks now and I already want to go back. The trip I went on was a once in a lifetime experience that I hope doesn’t have to stay a one time thing. But if I do go back, I only want one man to be my Tour Director. That’s right Matt, I’m talking about you. 

If you read my other blog posts or looked at my pictures, you might have seen a man popping up in them making funny faces. That is our Tour Director, Matt. During the trip, after he randomly showed up in some of my pictures, I decided to play a game. How many pictures of Matt making funny faces could I get? The answer? Quite a lot. 

Matt was the best Tour Director we could have asked for. Without him, the tour would have been good. But with him, the tour was great! 

It’s true what they say, you really bond with the people you travel with. But Matt made it his mission to talk and get to know every single person on our trip. He got to know all of us. He cared and went beyond his job to make sure all of us had an amazing trip. 

Lucky for us, we didn’t have to plan much of this trip ourselves. We got to sit back and enjoy, while Matt did all of the hard work to make sure we didn’t get lost and had places to stay, etc. 

Whenever we had problems or needed help, all we had to do was ask Matt and he would know the fix. I’m not saying he’s magic, but he’s magic. 

For example, when we arrived at our hotel in Dublin, (Yes, the cursed one with all of the problems.) so many things were going wrong. But here comes Matt, not caring what the people at the front desk were saying. He was going to make it work. He grabbed the rooming list that the hotel had severely screwed up and managed to get us all in a room, even after the hotel double booked a few girls in a room that was already occupied. He got it handled and was the only reason that hotel wasn’t a complete nightmare. 

It was his job to take care of us, but it wasn’t his job to become our friend. He was our Papa Sheep. We were his little lambs that knew if we got lost from the herd, we could look for his yellow and green umbrella and find our way back. 

This actually happened to me and Kath and a couple others. We got lost. Not super lost, but we did end up climbing up a hill in the woods that was totally not on the agenda when on an excursion in Ireland. Once we found the group, Matt felt so terrible that he bought us all ice cream. It was a small thing, but it made an impact. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. It’s little things like that, that makes Matt the best. 

So without this getting too sappy, I just wanted to say thank you Matt! Thank you for being the best Tour Director we could have ever asked for. 

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