Sorry Mom and Dad, I’m staying in Ireland! 

If you have been following me along in this journey, you know I’ve left a little piece of my heart in each place I have visited. I have loved ever last bit of this trip, but nothing has compared to the love I have for Ireland. 

These past two days I have been exploring Dublin and enjoying every second of it. 

Yesterday, we started with a guided tour around Dublin. Our tour guide of the day was named James. He was a great guide and we learned a lot about Irish culture and history. He was also very beautiful, which didn’t hurt anything. That is something I have noticed in Ireland. The people are nicer and the men are beautiful.

James took us through the city and into Phoenix Park, which is the largest enclosed park in Europe. It was breathtaking! 

It was like walking into a movie where you’re surrounded by beautiful green scenery. James actually informed us that many films and shows have filmed scenes in said park, including most of PS. I Love You. 

We also saw hundreds of deer just relaxing in the park. They were apparently brough into the area many many years ago for the people to enjoy hunting them for sport. Now, however, they are extremely protected and taken care of inside the park. 

This means they are very used to people and very calm. It was strange, but amazing, to see so many deer in one place without them fleeing. 

We also visited the Pope’s Cross inside the park. It was beautiful, with great views of the park from the top of the stairs. 

We also learned that only two people are allowed to live inside the park. 

One, is the president of Ireland. The other, the Irish-American Ambassador. This is because America has been very supportive of Ireland, especially when they were trying to break away from the UK. This is how they chose to reward the loyalty. I think it’s pretty awesome. 

Also, James told us a story of when President Obama came to visit the ambassador. Cars over here are much smaller than cars in America. When Obama was coming to see the ambassador, he was in a huge armored car. It got stuck in the gate!

Once we were done at the Park, James took us to the main event of the day, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was amazing. 

The Cathedral was breathtaking and I loved every second I was there. I also loved learning more about not only the history of the church, but of Ireland. It was great. 

We spent the rest of the day exploring Dublin. 

Today was our free day in Dublin. We did a lot, but the first thing I wanted/ need to do was see the Book of Kells in the Trinity College Library. So that is where we headed first. 

I’m a huge book nerd, so it was paradise to me. The exhibit explained and showed how books used to be made: binding, ink, language. It was incredible. Then, we actually got to see the Book of Kells. Which is over 1,000 years old! I was in love. 

Then, we got to see the actual library of books. The library received every first edition book up until the 1900s so you can imagine the amazing books in that library. 

And the old book smell, THE OLD BOOK SMELL! It is the best smell in the entire world. I could have stayed there forever. It already made me question whether the school would let me transfer to it just for this library alone. 

After leaving the exhibit, we wondered around some of the shopping area around the college. Another thing I discovered being in Ireland is that the people are so nice! Not that the people in the other places weren’t nice, but the Irish make it a point to be nice and friendly to people and I loved it. A few even said they could tell we were from the south because we said thank you and that they really appreciated it. 

While shopping, I finally got a Cladaugh ring. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an Irish ring that has a really cool history. And they are beautiful! I’ll have to take some pictures of mine and post them tomorrow with the story of the ring, because it deserves it’s own post. 

After, we walked to the National Museum of Ireland’s Archelogical Museum. It was awesome! We spent over two hours just roaming the museum looking at all of the amazing artifacts. It made me remember why I wanted to be an archeologist when I was a kid. They had some amazing stuff.

Later, we stumbled upon the Disney Store of Dublin. Which if you know me at all, you know the only thing I love as much as books, is Disney. This store just so happened to be the biggest Disney store in Europe (3 stories) and the only one in Ireland.  I may have spent a bit too much time in there, but it was worth it. 

Also, I stumbled upon a rare book store (ofcourse I did) and found a first edition of Peter Pan. I was really excited until I saw the price, 595 euros. Which is around $600. It made me want to cry and my friends dragged me out of the store whimpering. But, I did get a picture of it!

For dinner tonight, we decided to get takeaway and eat at the closest park in the sunshine. It was a great day out, and many people had the same idea. People were picnicking and soaking in the sun all through the park. 

It was a great end to our time in Dublin. Tomorrrow we head over to Gallway! 

More pictures from today: 

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  1. Ahhhhhhh! All things good are in Ireland! Including MY GIRLS! I miss you!! 😘 Keep staying safe and keep the eye contact to a minumim!!!!! Except with the cute tour guides!


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