Harrod’s, The Addams Family Musical, and finally seeing the Peter Pan Statue. 

Yesterday was crazy. It was Saturday and our free day to wonder around London without any scheduled tours with the rest of the group we are traveling with. We had so many things we wanted to do. But the main thing I was determined to do was to see the Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Park.  
Harrod’s is a huge department store in London. The only thing that I have to compare it to is the New York City Macy’s Store at Thanksgiving, but it is much bigger and grander. 

We wondered around the different levels, seeing designer brands everywhere. My favorite part of the store, however, was the architecture. The building and rooms were drop dead gorgeous, matching the clothes and accessories that were in them. 

My favorite section was surprise, surprise: the children’s section, where there was a a Disney store and much much more. 

We spent a while in Harrod’s so we sped over to Kensington Park. We wanted to go see the Peter Pan Statue before having to ride the tube to Wimbledon to see The Addams Family Musical which is still in previews. 

We rushed to the park and followed the gps to our destination, but when we arrived… the Statue wasn’t there! Somehow there is a glitch on the google maps so that there is two different addresses for the Statue. We had gone to the wrong one and were running out of time! 

My phone was dying and I was frustrated with the gps, but I power walked across the bridge of the lake and followed the map to the other location. Luckily for me, this location was correct! 

Since I was a little girl, I have loved all things Peter Pan. My mom read the original series and the fairy series to me as bedtime stories. It is a piece of my childhood that has stayed with me through the years. 

I discovered there was a Statue in London when I was watching one of my favorite movies, Winning London. It was a Mary Kate and Ashley movie that was filmed in London. During the movie, they visited the Peter Pan Statue. I loved the twins, and I loved Peter Pan, so I promised myself that if I ever got to go to London, I would find this Statue. And I did. And I dragged my friends with me. 

After taking many many pictures, we headed towards Wimbledon. For starters, it was a LONG tube ride. We reached the New Wimbledon Theatre just in time to find our seats before the show started.

It was an amazing show! We originally decided to go see it when we found out a Youtuber we enjoy, Carrie Hope Fletcher, was going to be playing Wednesday. She’s an amazing actress and performer, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to see her live. And she definitely didn’t disappoint. 

After the show, we headed back to the hotel and passed out. We were all so tired. Today we will be traveling to Liverpool, our last stop in England before heading over to Ireland. 

Some more pictures: 

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  1. Harrod’s, Kensington, and Wimbledon? Now you’re speaking my language!! Glad you had another good day and found the statue!! Also glad to see you are all staying together so you COLLECTIVELY have no eye contact!!! Power in numbers of eyes looking away!!


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