Touring London and questioning how many trains it takes to get to Hogwarts

First full day in London! And boy, was it a long, fun-filled day. It was almost impossible to get out of my comfy hotel bed this morning. My excitement for the day, however, outweighed my want to sleep in. 

The first thing we did this morning was take a bus tour around London. We had an amazing guide named Vicky who told great stories and knew basically everything there is to know about London. 

As we were going around London, we did get to stop and take a few pictures at London Bridge. One thing Vicky told us about London Bridge, is that long ago the only bridge that crossed the river to get into London was London Bridge. There was no other way to get across, accept to get on a boat that would go back and forth across the river so people could cross. They were their ages’ taxi drivers. 

On the tour we got to see the main sites of London. 

We ended our guided tour with watching the change of the Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, the Union Jack was flying at the palace, which meant that the Queen wasn’t in there, but we were still excited to see the guards change. 

I wasn’t expecting the guards to be playing musical instruments like a marching band. They played wonderfully and not one fell out of step. The horses that accompanied them were beautiful. It seemed more like a small parade, than soldiers switching posts. It was very cool. 

We took a few pictures at the gates of the palace before leaving to go to our main event of the day, the Harry Potter WB Studios Tour! 

We had some struggles getting to the magical place that is The Harry Potter Studio Tour. 

Our first problem occurred at the start of our journey. When after purchasing our day passes, Sarah’s pass got stuck and eaten in the machine so she had to go back and buy an entire new one. Once we got her through the gates we had to maneuver the different connections we would have to do. 

The next problem, was the biggest. Our last train that would take us to Watford was broken down so we had to find a new train. We found one train that would take us to Watford Junction where we needed to go, but we were going to be late to our tour. 

We sat on the train watching time tick by and I started to panic. I ended up calling the  help desk to make sure they would still let us in. Luckily, they know this happens a lot so they told us they would still let us in. 

Once we made it and got our tickets, we let out the breaths we were holding and entered into the magical land. 

All of our troubles were worth it! I have been to Universal’s Harry Potter World and I love it, but this is where the films were actually filmed. Magic was in the air, spilling out of the walls, filling the whole place with it. It was a great feeling knowing that I was walking where so many of my favorite actors once walked. 

The tour took us through real sets with real props and wardrobe that were used while filming. We got to see the Great Hall in all it’s glory. 

We got to go into Harry’s House and see the letters from Hogwarts flooding the room. 

We also got to walk into the Forbidden Forest and see some creatures. 

Besides seeing props and sets. We also got to see how they were made and how Hogwarts was made. There was an actual model of all of Hogwarts in the last part of our tour. 

All in all, it was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I didn’t want to leave. 

After spending way too much in the gift shop, we left at closing and headed back to our hotel. Luckily, the trains were running as they should on our way back. 

More pictures from today (fair warning there was a lot): 

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  1. I don’t even have to ask! Favorite day so far?!!!! Love it! I know you girls must have been dying the whole time!!! I’m thinking you can make eye contact with the Potter fans, but still be careful!!


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