Seeing Cambridge, and finally making it to London! 

Today is the day! The day I finally got to go to London. We left York around 9 this morning and set off for London. We had one stop on the way, the city of Cambridge. It is most well known for its university with the same name. 

We ate lunch and looked around the beautiful city. The university was amazing. The architecture was so old and detailed it seemed like it couldn’t be real. A feeling I’ve been having a lot on this trip. I didn’t know buildings were allowed to be this pretty. 

Matt cheesing as we take pictures of the buildings.

Cambridge was a beautiful city, but I was ready to get to the city I have most been looking forward to visiting, London! 

We got back in the bus and headed to London. We were so excited to stay in a hotel room after days of staying at the hostels.

Once we were settled in London, we toured around part of the city and used the tube for the first time. The tube was so much simpler than the subway system and NYC which is the only subway system I have been on to compare it to. There are plenty of lines, but as long as you follow the signs, it is t a problem in the slightest. 

Ofcourse, in London fashion, it was raining as we traveled around Westminster and Soho. 

After site seeing for a bit, we parted ways for dinner. We decided to go to china town for dinner and bubble tea. 

After dinner we explored a bit more of Soho before getting back on to the tube and traveled back to our hotel. 

We went into some tourist shops like the Nickolodean store where Sarah found some kids’ show to watch.

We also went into a giant sugar store called the “Kingdom of Sweets.”

After exploring for a while, we headed back to our nice comfy hotel beds to get a good night sleep.

More of London and the Harry Potter Studio Tour is tomorrow. Super excited! 

Some more pictures of today: 

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  1. Remind me to show you my “crown” book from London when you get back. We looked for crowns everywhere and then Mr. Bob would strategically place me in front in them and take my pic making it appear I was wearing said crown! Some he’d have to go across the street for because they were high on top of a pillar or something!! London is AMAZING!!!! Enjoy! And remember……no what?!

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