Cathedrals, Entering England, and most importantly, Chocolate Shots!

Today has been a traveling day through the North of England. Lots of time on the bus, but worth it to get to our next destinations. We got up and left Edinburgh around 8:30 and headed towards the boarder. It was a beautiful ride to our first stop of the day, Durham. We ate lunch and saw the magnificent Durham Cathedral. Out of respect, photos aren’t allowed to be taken inside the Cathedral, so here are some pictures of the outside.

The inside of the Cathedral was even more beautiful than the outside. Words cannot describe the feelings of walking into this amazing building. Walking into the Cathedral was like walking into history. It was as if we were transported back in time. The ceiling’s carvings and arches were so intricate and beautifully made. The organ played as you walked pasted beautiful statues and memorials. But my favorite part of the Cathedral, was the stained glass. I’m always a sucker for a beautiful stained glass window, but these were unlike any I hade ever seen. Not only were the windows stained to show different pictures and stories, but the windows were shaped in intricate shapes like a flower or sprialing circle. Some of the windows also had quotes. My favorite was “Troubled, but not distressed.” It was such a weird thing to see in a church setting, but it was just so wonderfully worded that I fell in love with it. It is also a good motto I want to remember. 

“Troubled, but not distressed.”

We looked around Durham for a little while after and had lunch before getting on the bus again to our final destination of the day, York. 

York has been one of the places I have been most excited to see, even though we are only staying here for a night. 

We reached York around 3:30 and wanted to see as much as we could. First, our tour director, Matt, took us to see some of the sites. 

A very attractive face I know. He’s a natural born model. 

After we saw some sites, we headed off to find the shops we were wanting to stop by before they closed at 5. 

First, we came across a Harry Potter shop called “The Shop That Must Not Be Named.” 

It was a cool shop with lots of different memorabilia and replicas from the books and movies, like the wand/cane of Lucius Malfoy. 

After visiting this shop, we headed up the same road to the shop I have been dying to visit for over a year, the Monk Bar Chocolatiers.

It is a chocolate shop with the best thing ever invented, Chocolate Shots! What it is, is a Caramel tasting chocolate sauce that is put in a little cup that is made of chocolate. I got the chocolate shot that had the dark chocolate cup. 

I cannot describe that delicious, heavenly like sensation when eating this chocolate shot. It’s just rich enough that it’s all the chocolate you will need, but it isn’t so rich that you can’t enjoy it. It has the perfect balance. Eating this chocolate shot was the highlight of my day for sure. 

After having chocolate shots, we went to see another Cathedral before having dinner. 

They were having a service so we couldn’t go in, but it was beautiful on the outside.

After dinner, we decided to explore a little more of York. We walked down streets, watched the sun set over the river, and took pictures with the old wall. 

All in all, even with all of the hours on the bus, it was an amazing day. Time to go to bed and head out to our next stop, London! 

Some more pictures from today: 

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  1. Did they have a stained glass window that said, “Craft, don’t cry!”? Because if they didn’t, they should!!!

    Missing you girls, but glad you’re having fun and not making eye contact!!


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