Sexy Coos, Rolling Hills, and Rainy Days

Today was an uphill battle, literally. Jet lag was strong this morning as we headed up to see the Highlands. Though we were tired and a bit cranky, we knew today was going to be worth it. 

I had already decided I was in love with Scotland after just two days in Edinburgh, but I was not ready for the beauty of the rest of this great country. The rolling hills, the amazing landscape, and the adorable animals were something out of a fairytale.

We took a coach bus on a journey out of Edinburgh, and off to the Highlands. We had a few stops along the way.

Our first stop was Sterling Castle. It was a beautiful castle with similar architecture to the castle in Edinburgh. We stopped to take some pictures. This is when our first rain of the day began. Was watched the fog roll over the town of Stirling for a few minutes before getting back on the bus for the next stop. 

Before the rain

After the rain began 

Our next stop was a few miles away at  Doune Castle. This castle is well know because it has been seen in movies and television. Monty Python movie was filmed there as well as the pilot episode of Game Of Thrones, to name a couple. The scenery around this castle was spectacular and right next to a river. We spent about an hour here taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and castle itself. 

Once we got back into our bus, it began to rain for the second time. This was fun for when we reached our next stop, the Highlands.

The Highlands were beautiful, with luscious trees and landscape that were almost too pretty to be real. The rain’s mist made all of the surroundings seem like they belonged in a story that started with “Once Upon a Time.” 

Before reaching the top of part of the Highlands, we stopped to meet what our tour guide Andy liked to call, a “Sexy Coo.” Her name was Katherine and she really was a Sexy Coo.

We did go out and take pictures in the rain as well once we reached a peak. We got pretty wet, but it was a lot of fun. 

While we were traveling up to the peak we learned a little about the Clans of Scotland that lived in the Highlands and passed many Lochs. We also learned that there is only one lake in Scotland. The reason behind this is because the man the Lake was named after was considered a traitor and therefore did not deserve to have a Loch named after him. This lake is called “Lake Menteith.” 

Once we were done taking pictures in the rain, we got back on the bus to head out for a late lunch. 

Once we got to a town named Aberfoyle, we  had lunch and looked around. The town we stopped at also had a Scottish Wool Centre so we got to see some more animals before heading back to Edinburgh. The best part, was watching their heard dog heard ducks through an obstacle course. The sun also decided to come out before we headed off. 

Some other pictures from today: 

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  1. Literally dying over here watching y’all over there!!! Keep enjoying! Hey! Stop looking at him – NO EYE CONTACT!!!


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