The karma of joking about United Airlines and finally reaching our first destination: Edinburgh, Scotland!

24 hours ago, I was sitting in the Charlotte airport hearing once again that our flight was delayed. Our hearts sunk as we then knew for sure that with this delay, we would miss our connecting flight to our final destination: Edinburgh, Scotland. Our flight to Newark was now two and a half hours delayed and we were starting to get worried we wouldn’t make it to Scotland on time.

At 6:30 PM EST we finally made it on to our flight and were headed to Newark. We knew we would be on a later flight, but atleast we would still make it to Scotland in time for the start of our tour. 

Our flight attendant, Michael (he liked to go by Bob), was probably the best flight attendant I have ever had. He was funny and helped everyone relax and get into happier sports even with a two and a half hour delay. 

We made it onto the last plane to Edinburgh that night. The plane left our gate and we were about take off. As we fastened our seat belts and listened to the safety video, the plane came to a stop with the first of many pilot messages that night. We were having to return to our gate, because a flight attendant was rerouted to a new flight. He said it would only take a few minutes. The flight attendant was on within five minutes and we were about ready to take off again. By this time it was about 11 PM EST, our original flight from Newark was supossed to depart at 8 PM. 

That is when a very rude middle aged couple decided they could not sit in the Economy seats with us peasants because they paid for Economy Plus. The reason they weren’t in their preferred seats was because their original flight was delayed and these were the only seats left. They started yelling at the flight attendants that they had to be moved and that they weren’t going to take no for an answer.

Finally, the pilot had to come out and talk to the couple. He finally agreed to move the couple up and move some other passengers. Leaving the rest of the passengers to wait for this one couple to be satisfied. 

The people on my tour for the past few weeks since finding out we were going to be flying United, have been making jokes at their expense. We decided all of our troubles: delays, rude fellow passengers, missing our flights, and having to be separated with our traveling companions; was all karma for the jokes we had made about the airline. 

By the time we took off from Newark, it was almost 12 AM EST. We would be arriving a bit late, but we would make it to our tour today! 

Once in Edinburgh, everything else started going as planned. We met fellow travelers that we will be traveling with on this trip, saw some amazing buildings, and met our amazing tour director, Matt! 

It was a long journey, and tiring 24 hours, but I am so excited to be here in Scotland. I’m ready for our tour to really begin! 

Matt our Tour Director! 

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  1. Even with troubles in the beginning, all of these magical pictures seem to make it worth it!! Looks like you’re already having a blast! So excited for you girls! Remember – NO EYE CONTACT!


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